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Christian Eze

Christian Eze drops new single “Love”.The  song expresses what God’s love has empowered us to be and it expresses the unimaginable love that God has lavished on us.

“The song ‘Love’ was born out of the realization of the finished work of Christ for humanity. It was in December 2015 at the International Faith Conference (IFC) held at Mobile Throne International Christian Centre (Benin City), that it became clear that our existence is not a function of our strength but the love of Christ. Some people would have been long lost in the wrong direction bit it is the love of God that keeps pulling them back. That’s why I boldly said that God’s love is stronger that death, deeper than the ocean and higher than any mountain. Death works in the confines of time but God’s love is eternal (everlasting, irrevocable). When the knowledge of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable. Ignorance of the love of God towards us tends to make us abuse it.” – Christian Eze

 Christian Eze is from the order of a levitical priesthood. Is background has been laid in the foundation of service to God from his biological father who happens to be a serving pastor in Assemblies Of God Church. Indeed his father has produced Godly seeds; the eldest brothers happen to be a pastor and a music minister. Christian Eze hails from Imo State and he graduated with an excellent grade from The Polytechnic Ile-Ife. He is a lover of God with a God chaser heart whose desire is to point men to the finished work of Christ on the cross and help them discover their place in God.

Download “Love” Christian%20Eze%20-%20Love.mp3 – Downloaded 18 times – 5 MB

Watch the Lyric Video below:


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