Music: Dannielove – Come Closer

Soft, the Rhythm breaks into your Blues, to create a symphony of sounds which radiates and permeates into your soul. Dannielove has released a new song “Come Closer”

“Come Closer” is a song about the  Grace of God, reaching out to us in our PRODIGAL nature to call us back to Himself.

It was written and produced in 2005. It gained massive airplay on all radio stations in the south east of Nigeria and won the hearts of its listeners.

Come on board on this journey as Dannielove Edeh takes you into the inner court, where Grace resides.

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Verse 1:
I know that we all have gone astray
And everyone has turned to his own way
Thinking we can make it all by ourselves
And we all have turned our backs on Him
But, there is something that we all must know,
His Love it is so dear; and He says

Come I need you closer in my Arms
Let Me hold you, feel you,
Give you all I have
Make a move and let me have you near
Let my Love embrace,
Your feelings I will bear

Verse 2:
And if you must know, I love you!
I am the Almighty One and your God
My thought always is to have you in my Arms
To keep you safely in my warm embrace
But, there is one thing we must do,
It’s to bring you back home to Myself

My Love draws me close to you
Cause when I look at you,
I see Myself in you
So, whenever you need me,
I will be right by your side
This time, my love, please, don’t leave me

Keep winning!!!

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Written by olamine

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