Music : Erica Naabia Dodoo – It’s My Season

Erica Naabia Dodoo Releases Two singles “It’s My Season”
And “Covenant Keeping God” off Her “Beauty of your throne” Album
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Erica Naabia Dodoo is a woman of great responsible and purpose as she is
the choir leader of Victory worship centre international (V.W.C.I), women’s
fellowship welfare assistant, mentored under the powerful leadership of
prophet kenneth Ankomah.

Erica is a qualified mental health nurse and a mother of 3 great God given
children and a wife of an honorable husband Mr Hayford kwame Owusu. The
main purpose of her music is to bring hope to the hopeless, and set the
captives free from any satanic bondage, as well as empowering people that
“what ever one is going through in life there will be a time were they will
rise again”.

Erica is a gospel artist with her maiden album “Beauty of your throne” from
which she drops “It’s My Season” and “Covenant Keeping God” as singles. Her
music projects that there is a supreme master that we lean on to that is
our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who is always with us. Also no matter the
challenges one goes through God is the author and finisher of our faith who
will never leave us nor forsake us but lift us higher . Also there is a
time for everyone so when your time comes you will shine. So it pays to
wait for the timing of God.

Erica hopes to empower those who are discouraged and giving up in life. She
is also very passionate about the poor, needy, sick, youth, oppressed and
rejected in the society.

For more information you can contact Erica on +447960926213 or

It’s My Season

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