Music: Gabriel Eziashi- “LIFITED”

After a recent short tour in Nigeria, US Based Nigerian Recording Artist & Pastor, Gabriel Eziashi is set to officially release the new single, “LIFTED” which he sang to over 700,000 people few weeks ago at The
Experience Concert in Lagos, Nigeria.

A song of Hope, Trust and Thanksgiving to God for His Love and Strength through the daily journey of life, Lifted is indeed the heart cry of every man, woman, boy or girl in these present times.

In his own words,

“A calm comes after every storm in life. As the good book says, “Weeping may endure for a night but Joy comes in the morning”. The song “LIFTED” was birted after a storm. I don’t know where you are in life , but I know we are all destined to be lifted”

Recorded and Produced in London by top UK producer, Mr Shabz. Other renowned songs by Gabriel Eziashi include his popular hit songs, “My
Praise (Joy Overflows) and “Aka Jehovah”, whose video has almost 2 million views on YouTube.

A prolific songwriter and a dynamic singer with a phenomenal voice range, Gabriel Eziashi’s drive and fervor for the art of worship has made him one of the most compelling voices to emerge from the UK gospel scene. Born in Lagos Nigeria, Gabriel is the fifth in a family of seven siblings. His humble beginnings saw him start work at the young age of 5 to help bring an income and food to the family table. His passion for music saw him start up as a dancer, before discovering his vocal gifting.
In 1993 Gabriel was led to Christ and has never looked back.

An anointed worship leader, vocalist and also an ordained minister with
The Redeemed Christian Church of God in the United Kingdom, Gabriel
Eziashi pastored a parish known as the Milton Keynes Tabernacle for five
years (5) and Ten (10) months. In March, 2012, both Gabriel and Dayo Eziashi stepped aside from being the Senior Pastors as he was led to focus on Music squarely.

Gabriel Eziashi – Lifted (Prod by Mr Shabz)


Twitter: @Gabriel_Eziashi

Instagram: @GabrielEziashi



It all began, through the womb of hopelessness
Not knowing what tomorrow has in store
But through it all I hear a voice
Whispering so loud, there’s more to life than this
I’ve made a way just for you to walk in
Walk upon my promise
Constantly shout….

Ooo odi onye dikagi
Chukwuku na gwuzo, Ekene diri ji
Ooo odi Onye dikagi
Onye na gwuzo, Ekene diri ji

Verse 2
Like a dawning light, at the start of the day
We are meant to shine brighter and brighter
But now and here, yesterday is gone
Tomorrow will be greater
As there’s more to life
You are meant to rise
Walk upon the clouds
Soar beyond the stars
And you and say….

Ooo Ekene dirigi
Chukwu na gwuzo nmama dirigi
Ooo ekene dirigi
Onye na gwuzo nmama dirigi

Lead…I will worship you forever giving you all I know.

So I can say …. nmama…
Mma ma, Mma ma
Mma ma, Mma ma

Díli jehova mo ….
nmama deli onye nwemo ….
o nmama

The lifter of my head
I will give all I have
Give you all I own
You’ve been my strength all the days of my life
You alone are God
None besides you
You are the Lifter of my life
Mma ma (Till end)

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