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Music : Halleluyah – Rev. Kingsley Agho

A brand new song from a worshiper of  God Rev. Kingsley Agho titled ‘Hallelujah’. It is a song that calls to remind everyone that all glory should be given to God and worship excites God to carry out his miracles on earth.Through this song, Rev. Agho is submitting totally to God by acknowledging His awesome wonders in his life and in the life of people around the globe.The year of 2016 became a game changer where he decided to record the song Hallelujah and put it out there to inspire those that think they cannot amount to anything that there is still hope for them.

Rev Kingsley Agho is a voice in the God’s kingdom on earth that helps people discover their purpose for living. With his gift and passion, he has led so many into the healing hand of God with his unique style of worship as he functions more in the healing ministry.He holds a degree in business administration, he is also pursuing another set of degrees in Accounting and Finance. He is the pastor of “Jesus Is the Solution Ministries USA”, a ministry of intercession and evangelism located in West Africa and the United States, he is  an author and the founder of “Kingdom Invasion Network”, he has Compassion For All Souls (CFAS), a mission organization that caters for the needy. He is also the TV host of the “Atmosphere of the Holy Spirit”.He has assisted so many gospel artist in the regions of Indiana to produce their albums, organize musical concerts, and as well manage some of the artist. Rev Agho is dedicated in working with upcoming artist to put their work out there. It is clear that Rev Agho have this great passion for worship and in so doing, He has worked all this years with various choir in the city of Indianapolis (e.g. Sound of the Saints, and God-Spread Nation). He knows his charge is to speak for and to those who have lost their way and purpose for living and are in search for a purpose, reminding them of Christ as the only way to a fulfilling life.Currently,Rev Agho published a book titled “Understanding the Church and the Attack by the gate of hell.” When asked what motivates him, he said the Holy Spirit as he wants to see that people are totally serving God in Spirit and in truth.

“Hallelujah” was produced under Kingdom Invasion Network by E-snare, video was shot by Sosa Brown, and backup vocals by Eddy fresh.

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