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Nigerian-Canadian music minister, Sonia Martins a.k.a smartmusique releases her debut single, HOW YOU LOVE ME.

Although composed and written in collaboration with Kunle Ben and Divine Oribhabor, Sonia Martins initially composed the melody of the chorus and a good portion of the final lyrics, as a personal reflection of God’s amazing love for her.

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Sonia was inspired to sing the chorus while doing the dishes in her home in January 2017. The kitchen is not an unusual place of song inspiration for Sonia, as she confesses to having other original songs initially composed in the kitchen.

Something about the soap lathering as the sponge moves over the dish’s surface or the coolness which the water brings to Sonia’s hands sets her heart to worship or express her thoughts in songs.

The kitchen chorus had been left, almost forgotten in Sonia’s files of spontaneous voice recordings until late in January 2020.

As if the heavens could no longer watch the song’s potential waste away, the chorus popped back in Sonia’s head and her mouth sung what she could remember of the song.

This time, another ear had been strategically positioned to analyze and reveal the song’s potential to Sonia, as well as give her the needed push to share the song with the world.

The song is written from a place of admiration and gratitude for God’s amazing love towards humankind. The song expresses the awe that engulfs one who recognizes Christ’s sacrifice for humankind’s redemption.

The song also reminds Christians of God’s unwavering love as described in Romans 8:38-39.

Sonia’s greatest desire for this song is that people who listen are encouraged in the Christian faith and can express their awe and appreciation of God’s love through this song.



Who am I that You mindful of me

That You died on the cross of Calvary

Who am I that You gave everything

So that I can live to see Your beauty


It’s amazing how You love me

How You hold me close

It’s amazing how You picked me up

When I was six feet low

It’s amazing how You love me

How You hold me close

You looked on my imperfections

You said I deserve grace

It’s amazing oh oh oh oh

It’s amazing


You gave your life

Conquered the grave, gave me victory

And now, I am Your own

Joint heir with Christ, blessings are mine

I am covered by your love

No depth no height, not death not life

Can separate me from your love


Songwriter: Sonia Chinonyerem Martins 


MDave Production

EKOD Production

Kunle Ben

Divine Oribhabor

Nene Dreams

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Facebook | Instagram |Twitter @smartmusique

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