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Music: Kemi Olaitan – Gbotemi (Prod. By Wole Oni)[@Kemi_Olaitan]

Beautiful Folk music, rich in culture without compromising its spiritual
depth and comfortably fitting into the contemporary trend of music, Kemi
Olaitan’s supplication sung into the rhythmic. Gbotemi is an empowering
soul lifter, a reassurance of the hope and trust in a God that never fails.


After the success of her first album which birthed hit singles such as “Shamona
Mi”, “Baba”, You are Worthy”, amongst others, Kemi Olaitan  teams up with
award winning producer *Wole Oni* for a greater feat than her previous
offerings. Gbotemi is not just a rich work of art; it is also a rich
work of ministry.

She started singing at a tender age but her academic studies almost chose
another path for her when she majored in Catering and Hotel Management at
the Lagos State Polytechnic. An indigene of Ondo State, she moved to
Lagos after her secondary education where her gift found roots haven been
part of various choirs including that of her local church. Meeting her
husband took her career a lot of notches higher and added the professional
edge that produced her first album and Kemi Olaitan – the artiste.

She has ministered at various churches, outreaches, conferences, working
with producers including Jay Chords and Daniel Adegbenro who produced her
first album.

Speaking on the new single, Kemi said:

Gbotemi is a song God dropped into my conscious mind while thinking of
all I’ve gone through generally and to bless others in such a way as to
acknowledge that it’s only God we can call upon not to deny us or deprive
us our requests just like a bonafide son in the presence of his father.

Kemi Olaitan is thankful for TV personality Lara Olubo and producer Wole
Oni who orchestrated her meeting with promoter Bola Mogaji (Mr B) and
video director Oluyinka Davids respectively. Wole Oni produced the
single while Oluyinka Davids (iFocus Pictures) directed the soon to be
released video for the single.
Twitter: @Kemi_Olaitan
Facebook: Kemi Olaitan
Instagram: Kemi Olaitan


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