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Nigeria and Ghana collaborate in this soulful sound “JÉSÙ” by Nigerian Gospel Artist, Nikki Laoye and Ghanaian Gospel Artist, Cwesi Oteng.

An African Ode to Jesus, the song is the Yoruba adaptation of the renowned title track, “Yesu” off Cwesi’s EP, which is a celebration of the Love, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ on a musical journey from Ghana through Nigeria to Zambia, and back to Ghana.

Translated by Nikki Laoye and her mum, the singer shares her experience working on the song with Cwesi:

JÉSÙ is more than a song to me, it’s my heart and my life in words to the One true lover of my soul- JESUS and I know that it would definitely bless everyone who hears it.      When Cwesi reached out to me 3 years ago about creating a Yoruba version of his song, I totally fell in love with the idea of recording a song from start to finish in my local dialect and as expected, it was an indescribable, explosive expression of raw emotion in the studio booth and beyond.
Singing to God in Yoruba gets me super emotional everytime as my soul obviously connects in deep ways that I can’t even comprehend.
It was also fun working with my mum as she helped translate and also sat with me in the studio, to ensure that I pronounced the words and intonations correctly as this would be my very first 100% concentrated Yoruba song.”

Also Speaking about the song, Cwesi Oteng shares:

‘’The song ‘Jésù’ from the collaboration with Nikki Laoye is very special to me. It took us three years to get the song completed after Nikki sent the vocals. There was a lot that happened between those three years that could have made us lose the files, but God wanted this time to actualize the song and the EP.
Nikki is an anointed singer with a heavenly voice and so it is an honour for me to work with her on the song. I believe this song is anointed and has been prepared to touch many lives across Africa and beyond,’’

JÉSÙ” is also one of the singles on Cwesi’s “YESU EP (An African Ode to Jesus)” – a specially curated EP for the Easter festive season. A 7-track EP centred on the essence of the redemptive work of Jesus and the gift of salvation made available to humanity to have a renewed relationship with God.

With his original version, “Yesu” delivered in his native Asante Twi dialect, Cwesi collaborates with award-winning vocalist friends in Nikki Laoye (Nigeria) and Penjani Ng’uni (Zambia) for the Yoruba (Jésù) and Pemba (Yesu) adaptations of the title track respectively.
Other songs on the EP are root-reggae inspired ‘Love’, the reflective ‘My Defence (Jesus Chant), and an instrumental and live version of the title track, ‘Yesu’, featuring Joycelyn Armah and Flo’Riva Inc.

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Download “Yesu” Nikki%20Laoye%20x%20Cwesi%20Oteng%20-%20Jesu.mp3 – Downloaded 92 times –


Verse 1
Jesu Olufe Okan Mi
(Jesus, my beloved)

Jesu Olugbala Okan Mi
(Jesus is the Saviour of my soul)

Ota Eje Re Si le
(Shed his sacred blood)

Fun ira pada mi
(as an atonement for all of my iniquities)


Ibukun a t’ope ni, F’oruko re titi lai
(Blessings and thanksgiving be unto His name forever)

Iyin a t’ogo ni, F’oruko re titi lai
(Praise and glory be unto His name forever)

Verse 2
Jesu ni olu gbe ja mi
(Jesus is my advocate)

Jesu l’oluso aguntan mi
(Jesus is my shepherd)

O wa pelumi ni gba gbogbo
(He is with me all the time)

O rin pelumi, Emi ki yo beru
(He walks with me thus I won’t be afraid)

Ibukun a t’ope ni, F’oruko re titi lai
(Blessings and thanksgiving be unto His name forever)

Iyin a t’ogo ni, F’oruko re titi lai
(Praise and glory be unto His name forever)

Ibukun a t’ope ma ni, F’oruko re titi lai
(Blessings and thanksgiving be unto His name forever)

Iyin a t’ogo ni, F’oruko re titi lai
(Praise and glory be unto His name forever)


ORIKI (Appellations) by Nikki Laoye

Oruko t’o n wosan (The Name that Heals)
Oruko t’o n gbanila (The Name that Saves)
Jesu ni o (His Name is Jesus)

Kiniun eya Judah  (The Lion of the Tribe of Judah)
Gbongbo idile Jesse  (The Root of Jesse)
Ato fara ti bi oke ( Our Support and Defense )
Ato ba jaiye ( The One We Reign with)
Olori Ogun eh (Commander in Chief of the Lord’s Army)

Iyin a t’ogo ni…
(Praise and glory be…

Chorus by Choir (Asante Twi dialect)
Nhyira ne aseda, nka ne din daa nyinaa
(Blessings and thanksgiving be unto His name forever)

Ayeyi ne animuonyam nka ne din daa
(Praise and glory be unto His name forever)


Cwesi & Nikki Outro duet
nka ne din daa
(Be unto his name forever)

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