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Three-time GRAMMY nominated American recording gospel artist, singer-songwriter and producer has released his 5th forth coming album  titled BOOK OF MALI under the label RCA Inspiration in partnership with K Approved Enterprise. Following his 2017 album THE TRANSITION OF MALI, The BOOK OF MALI is a 12 track album in process.

When interviewed by Blue Magazine concerning the album, Mali said:

I’m giving them today. And they haven’t had that. A lot of people haven’t even accepted a “Today Mali” in any phase. People can expect it coming straight from me. And on top of that, it’s already prepared for them. I’ve been a consumer of everything that I’m about to give. I’ve seen how it can work on your spirit, how it can manifest your mind and change your life. When I release this to the people, they’re going to meet me on my level if they consume it.

The first single on this album is titled ” LET GO”.

LET GO” is all about letting go of the burden he was holding on to and casting it on the shoulders of God. This was symbolised in the video, as we find Mali letting a piece of cloth he was holding fall at the beginning of the clip. Mali through the song LET GO in an inspiring way simply preaches to the listeners to cast their cares and rely on God.

The second song  release on the album THE BOOK OF MALI is titled “MO’LO” meaning LIKE YOU. MO’LO is a 2mins song released on the 10th of July, that expresses his will to be closer to God. Following the release of these songs, the audience described Mali’s songs to be full of fire, inspirational, spirit filled, outstanding, awakening, having a pumped up atmosphere and the list goes on.

Mali flows in R&B and Hip-hop and uses a swag way to deliver his creativity that gives you a taste of something original. Full of uniqueness in the delivery of his lyrics (his message) with much flame and spirit put to it.

We will be expecting a featuring with the singer Jhené Aiko as Mali announced his desire to work with her after the collaboration they had on the single”CONTRADICTION”.

After haven gotten a taste of what Mali had in store for us, we wait in anticipation to the rest of the singles on the album BOOK OF MALI.

To watch the single “LET GO” click here

To watch the single “MO’LO” click here

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Written by Diana Emah