Music: Uduak Daniel – On Top

Her name is Uduak, and it is a name that means “Resolve.” From Akwa Ibom
State in Nigeria, Uduak is a contemporary gospel musician. Call her an enigmatic
song writer and a mesmerizing performer. Call her a psalmist. Call her a prophetic
singer. Call her many things-in-one.

On Top

Her extraordinary versatility positions her as an
“eclectic” brand in the music world. Her life and music are influenced by her
crusading passion for souls. She deliberately and artfully weaves the word (gospel) into her

And what you see is a creative blend of the pulsating African rhythm and
the classic flavor of soul: a marriage of inter-continental “tangs” of tunes.

Uduak believes in the spirituality of music and the liberating power of
“new songs” Hear her: “The word is my life. Music is my driving passion”.

When she sings, what hits you is more than a song. You might want to dance,
reflect or just walk away happy with a lingering pleasure of a “Jazzy” encounter.

Now there are other sides of Uduak. She is a development practitioner,
researcher, public speaker and author. For over 20 years Uduak and her husband have
been co-labourers in the Lord’s vine yard. He preaches the word and she sings the

These combined ‘giftings’ in these two vessels have been a blessing to them
as a couple and many in this generation. Here’s what a close friend has to say
about her: If you want Uduak to get in her elements, put her close to a microphone and
if you want your heart to explode, then put her on the stage!

Today, Uduak is poised to release her third album: a package that is loaded
with melody, inspiration and power. Uduak Daniel…….is simply hypnotic!

What do you think?

Written by Tomi Blessed


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