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“My Big Daddy” Written By ICPF Bangalore

I have tears in my eyes every time I think of this. And those are of happy tears..! Just a couple of minutes back, when the host of meeting asked for anything to share, I had tough war within myself to stand up and grab the mike. Something you can expect from a remote village girl.

But what ‘He’ did for me, worth all that fight. I stood up to testify, “As like today, I remember that day when my mom said, ‘I have to put you in an orphanage’. I was 10 years old then. I assumed it to a be hostel, where I get good food, free study and visit home every weekend. Well mom hardly had any other options since my dad does not stay with us, and her daily wages never meet the days.

Orphanages are no hostels, you don’t get to see your loved ones frequently, it took a year to meet my mom again. Well,  it wasn’t all that bad, nice loving people, many like me. Uncle and Aunty of the place loved us, did all they can for us, education and food to the best in their capacity. More than all they taught us about ‘Him’, whom am speaking to you today. The One who loves widows and orphans, helps strangers and destitute, comforts the weak and the poor.. yes, Jesus Christ! There is a place in that orphanage I fell in love with, the chapel, I feel most loved when I sit in that silence, talking to my Jesus.

Years passed by, I completed my 10th. Now the time came, wherein the caretakers face difficulty to find sponsors for my higher studies. I didn’t have great marks but had desire to study. My mom said ‘if they don’t sponsor, you can come and join me in daily wage work.’ I know where I had to run, before meeting the caretakers – the Chapel and made a quick prayer. On what happened in next few minutes, I am still clueless for a logical reason – I am granted sponsorship. More than 2 years have passed. As I stand today, studying nursing in a reputed college in Bengaluru, I know, I have a heavenly Father, who cares for me and knows all my needs. And he listened and answered my prayer that day and He does it always.
He is My Big Daddy, and I am His beloved daughter and I lack nothing !

Written By: ICPF Bangalore

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