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My Take On : Politicians And the Masses

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Truth they say can never hide. It will always prevail no matter how long it takes. There is sure a time for everything. Time for falsehood to reign and time for the truth to conquer and prevail.  One can sustain a lie for an extended period of time but like I said earlier the end will matter.

If the dictionary defines truth as the quality or state of being true or a fact or belief that is accepted as true, we can rightly say that according to the dictionary a fact (though not exactly the truth) that is accepted by a group is the TRUTH.

Does that now mean that truth is relative?  Can there be a one-way answer (it is either that or this?) The reason I am asking this question is because in our society today, we seem to have accepted so many rubbishes as the truth. That a man is a politician doesn’t mean he should steal, lie, kill and cheat. That is a fact that has been accepted as truth in our society today.

Our politicians are playing with our head and we all sit and crack jokes. If it is not a range rover scandal today, it is a tertiary education allegation. We sit and accept that because we feel they are politicians and they are meant to be liars. We joke and laugh as they sing aje ku ije to one another. The call out and clap back on social and mass media platforms and we watch, listen and comment.

Until we rise and demand a change nothing will change. We have had enough of their change we now want our change. The man that said he will bring in change still nominated the same old money mongers for cabinet members. Things are still revolving around the same set of men for over 12 years now. They are seriously using our head to make their generations unborn wealthy.

Please my fellow Nigerians, do not allow these men use you again. They will only call for you when they need you. After the job done, nobody cares where you or your family is again. These men have laid up wealth for their 10th generation and you that is helping them perpetuate their rubbish have money for just you and your immediate family. Say No to their vices. Don’t let them use you because if yawa gas, you go answer your papa name. CHANGE INDEED IS IN AND BEGINS WITH YOU.



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