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My Take On : Self Branding

Self Branding

In Nigeria  today, the trend of personal branding I think has come to stay. Everyone and every profession wants to create a niche for himself . if you ask me that is a good thing after all didn’t the Bible say we are fearfully and wonderfully made. This statement goes to show that we are unique individually and in a  class of our own. Today I decided to give us a few tips on personal branding. I hope it works for you.

To be branded, you need to first see yourself as the best there is. With or without a good grade there is an edge self-confidence and presentation gives to you over another who has only got good grades. As the saying “no one can see you any better or lesser than what you how you see yourself” goes your perception of yourself goes a long way in shaping your paradigm. Can you imagine a lawyer with no confidence at all or with a low self esteem? You think it isn’t possible, well it actually is. There are lawyers out there who get easily intimidated even by their colleague , their demeanor and appearance gives them the air of a scared cat yet they had the best results of all times.

I had a firsthand experience in court one day; an old lawyer was so intimidated by his colleague that it affected his speech. His speech became incoherent and he lost total confidence in himself even though he was making so much sense at the beginning of his argument before the court.  The counsel on the other side obviously knew this lawyers weakness and capitalized on it. When he had the opportunity to object, he made a statement about his integrity as a wealthy and influential lawyer, his vastness and education. This counsel wasn’t influential, didn’t have money and wasn’t well dressed. When   he was asked to go on, his stream of thought went through the windows and he stood there babbling statement that couldn’t be easily comprehended.  This lawyer obviously needs branding. He needs to be told that he is his own best and in a class of his own but no matter how much branding can be done to him he can’t be transformed unless he sees himself as being the best. Therefore, to stand out be your best encourager and your best critic (constructively of course).

There is a popular adage that says, “A fool at 40 is a fool forever”. Times and times again people quote this adage but not many people understand its import. For me it means what you can’t achieve in your youthful age, chances are that you won’t be able to achieve it during old age. Even if you do it can’t be enjoyed and put to good use like if you had achieved it during your youth.

After you have gotten the right perspective about yourself, determine where you want to go and how you plan on getting there. Know what you want out of life. Do not settle for less. Aim higher for your God is the most high and He is not afraid of lifting you as high as you want to go. Sit down and ask yourself certain questions. Be truthful to yourself and do not be beat down if you realize you are not all that you thought you were.  Have a time of mediation and reflection. Outline what you want to achieve within a certain time frame and how you can achieve this. I am a Christian and for me I believe this is the time to sit with your Maker. Ask Him what He wants for your life and how you can achieve all that He has in store for you. Ask Him to help you achieve them and HE WILL COME THROUGH for you. Write down what you want to achieve and memorize it. Study it so much that it constantly is among your first thoughts each day. Do not ever be afraid of what or who you want to become. God can never give you a vision that is a mediocrity.

Take necessary measures to improve on yourself. Take update and advance courses. Browse the internet and get information that can improve you. Go for seminars. Knowledge they say is power. What distinguishes a professional from a layman is the wealth of knowledge a professional has. What you know cannot be hidden it will definitely sell you out someday. Improve on your speech. Take steps to erase every accent if you know you have one. Take speech therapy and phonetics courses. Keep reading and you will never be lost. As a learned person seek to know something about everything. You are a lawyer no matter what level you find yourself today. A lawyer is one who knows something no matter how little about everything. Invest in self-improvement. Subscribe for newspapers and magazines that are actually educative.

Have principles that you live by. You cannot be an Image and be seen behaving like a rascal. Every notable personality who has a unique niche in the world today has something spectacular to them. Don’t be an easy come easy go personality or a person that is just out there for the money. There are many people out there who are wealthy but that is all there is to them. They have never made an impact and will never because they are too busy fighting for the money. Be diligent to that principle and they will honor you eventually because a diligent man will sit with kings and not ordinary men.

Put in tremendous effort towards your appearance. You are addressed the way you are dressed. When someone sees you they should know you are a person of prestige and honor. Your dressing must not be expensive or flamboyant in any way. It only needs to be neat and prim. Always do your best to look put together at all time. Go through some fashion sites to study ways of combining colors and designs. Appearance matters a whole lot so take your appearance seriously.

Your disposition and presentation also matters. Be a happy fellow. It is often said that you can’t give what you do not have. Well… if you don’t have purpose, optimism and joy on your inside then you can give out same. Refuse to be mean and lousy. Do not see people below you as tramps. People go up and down all the time. The fellow you put down may be your helper tomorrow. You do not want to be known as being grumpy at all times. That is a bad reputation and bad reputation is bad for your branding.

Seek out a mentor in your area of expertise. Your mentor should be way above you in all ramification and should be willing to take you up as a mentee. If they are not willing do not force yourself on them. Diligently seek out another who is willing to mentor you. Be open with them. Tell them your aspirations and dreams. Do not be afraid to let them know your fears. Go to them often; do not expect them to come to you. It is you that need what they have not the other way round.

Be diligent and hard working and follow through all your set down goals. Always put enthusiasm and vigour into whatever assignment you are given to do. What you make happen for others, someone will also make happen for you too. When given a duty be diligent and meticulous at it. Dot all your Is and cross your Ts. Go through each assignment over and over again to detect if there are any mistakes. Be careful with your composition and grammar. Know the latest ways to type and send emails, letters and other correspondences. Be courteous when on phone and follow laid down rules if given.

Branding is not done in one day. It is a gradual process but be rest assured that each little drop of water will contribute to becoming eventually a mighty ocean. You have to be intentional towards what you want to achieve. Sacrifice and discipline is required to be the best you can be.  There are lawyers and there are lawyers, strive to carve a niche for yourself then you can be regarded as the lawyer with the difference.

Nene Udoh

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