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Nigerian Christian minister and gospel artist, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, recently suggested a move in which horns players embark on a trumpet march throughout Nigeria.

This was in light of the nationwide protests and global agitation for an overhaul of the Nigerian Police as well as other failing aspects of the Nigerian system.

The move is reminiscent of ancient times in the Bible when God would instruct his servants to gather a large number of horns players and have them raise a loud sound after which a miracle would follow.

The suggestion of a trumpet march is sequel to an earlier released Instagram video in which Nathaniel Bassey expressed that the protests were a manifestation of prayers being answered.

In the video, he also commended and encouraged the physical protesters, praying for them and admonishing them to keep things as peaceful as possible. He also appealed to Law Enforcement to desist from the use of force on peaceful protesters.

Regarding the horns parade, Nathaniel Bassey posted on his Instagram saying:

Okay now..😌
Blow the trumpet 🎺 in Zion
It’s a new Day !

Oppression and corruption are about to pack their load from Nigeria !
And not just Lagos. But as we do it, other states join. Same time.
With prayer and fasting until we are done?????
We want to open a portal over Nigeria!
Deal or no deal? 😀😀😀😃

““When you arrive in your own land and go to war against your enemies who attack you, sound the alarm with the trumpets. Then the Lord your God will remember you and rescue you from your enemies.”
‭‭Numbers‬ ‭10:9‬ ‭NLT‬‬

We hope and pray indeed that this cause births a new and improved Nigeria.

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