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94feetposter94 feet is a faith based film which talks about hope,love and faith,its is a powerful story with the gospel message about a dying little town and how it is shaken to its core by a catastrophic event. 94 Feet is about an American community in distress. The town is full of hard workers that have suffered through multiple layoffs at an industry that is at the heart of the town – a coal mine. The town is dying and the populace faces another shock as another round of layoffs are announced. It seems like there is no hope when tragedy strikes at the mine. A seam gives way and many of the towns husbands and fathers became trapped. The community has to pull together as they await the news of their loved ones as the men inside the mine have to face their own mortality. Two families separated by ninety-four feet of rock and all hoping for a miracle.

Film Description :
An industry that has sustained a town for over 100 years, announces that it is closing it’s doors. A family that has been the cornerstone of the community has given up. The only thing that can save the dying little town … IS AN UNSPEAKABLE TRAGEDY.

From Chip Rossetti, the writer and director of FATHERS, THE ACCIDENTAL MISSIONARY and THE BORROWED CHRISTMAS, comes a faith based adventure into the HEART of a family, and the CORE of a mountain 94 FEET.

Even under 94 feet of rock you can still see the light.

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