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New Series Of Arise “Life In The Fast Lane” By Icpf Bangalore

Written By : ICPF Bangalore

We are back with a new series of ARISE titled “LIFE IN THE FAST LANE”!

There is one possession in our lives that once is lost, is lost forever. Our lives are very much dependent on it. We wake up, make appointments and arrangements and even end our day based on it. We can’t buy it! However we can use it. If we misuse that possession, it will leave an adverse impact in our lives. Any guess about this precious possession?
Is it money? Happiness?  Or Time??

Yes! You guessed it right! Its time! One of the most precious gift given by God to us. In this series, we would like to share with you some important aspects of time and its better management in all the walks of our lives.

Stay tuned and be ready to change your clock!!
We are coming!

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Omotosho Olamide Temitope also Olamine is a book junkie, lover of God, always smiling personality with a good heart. I never stop learning because i believe the world keeps evolving with new things yet to be learned. Subject yourself to learning so you can be a better you.

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