gemWOMAN/gemMAN man magazine has recently released a powerful new edition featuring Pastor Mayokun Oreofe and Olujimi Tewe on the cover.

New Edition gW(1)Pastor Mayokun, Visioneer of the Victorious Praying Women Ministry (VPWM) is an ardent lover of God who has over the years been a great inspiration to many women. With a passion to give joy to lives, she has helped people discover their God ordained destinies, influencing women of different levels in the society to effect a positive change in their generation.

Jimi Tewe also shares his amazing journey from becoming a Senior Manager at UBA within 5 years of graduating to starting one of the top consulting firms in the country, while also being a minister of the gospel is an intriguing one.

Both personalities laid it all bare in highly inspiring and engaging interviews – growing up, career, family, ministry, success, God, everything!

Enjoy their riveting interviews and a whole lot of other fantastic articles and stories; and be inspired to do so much more than you’ve ever thought as well…

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