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Nigerian Gospel artists, as well as some ministers, have decided to take a stand against Police brutality and extortion by lending their voices to #ENDSARS.

The recent wave of the protests, which took place on and offline, has taken a different turn as this has gone beyond domestic shores, to involving diaasporeans and other members of the International Community.

A number of Nigerian artists including Frank Edwards, Freke Umoh, and Tim Godfrey to name a few, have taken to social media to express solidarity with the Nigerian youth.

These Nigerian gospel artists all shared the fact that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, of the Nigerian Police Force has begun to abuse its power thereby constituting a nuisance of itself.

Below are some social media posts by some Nigerian gospel artists on #ENDSARS:

The sun(over Nigeria) will rise when the sons(of Nigeria) arise. The professional misconduct and outright criminal behaviour of security operatives cannot be overlooked.

“Serve and protect” not “harass and oppress”. #ReformPoliceNG#EndSarsProtests#ToServeandProtect

Freke Umoh on Twitter

@lagosstategovt @theasovilla kindly hear the voices of your people. We don’t have to wait until people take laws into their hands . #endsars

Frank Edwards on Instagram

Hear us! The masses are crying! We want peace and tranquility. #ENDSARSNOW

Tim Godfrey on Instagram

They have led by an example that many will follow, by showing that the Church does not sit on the fence when the system is faulty. It is our prayer that a change will come soon.


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