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In light of a recent development made in the field of corporate affairs in Nigeria, the new “CAMA” regulations, there has been a bit of controversy regarding the issue.

Church leaders have particularly been out of favor with some of the provisions of the new Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) regulations.

Bishop Oyedepo recently made the rounds for expressing his take on the issue. Like many other church leaders, took an opposition to the new provisions.

However, some Nigerian citizens have opined differently on the issue with many picking a side: for, or against.

While many Nigerians took to social media to express their views against the legislative development, more of them seem to embrace the idea.

Among Nigerian social media users who openly supported the new regulations, citing it as an oversight function for financial misconduct, was Facebook user Segun Oyedele.

He expressed that pastors and church leaders need not oppose the new CAMA regulations as doing so will be tantamount to rebellion.

He cited a quote from Pastor Abayomi Obabolujo.

Read excerpts from his Facebook post:

You have churches overseas where you fly in your private jets to preach. In those nations, you obey their laws.

You never rose against the laws that regulate your spendings. When you flout the rules, they even appoint a small pikin who doesn’t believe in your God to oversea your collections and spendings, you did not object.

You didn’t say those nations are fighting God.But now in Nigeria, where the new CAMA is trying to bring civilisation and probity to money that you collect from the people, you said it is a law against God.. which God are you talking about?

Is the God in US and UK where you and your churches obey laws and where your spendings are regulated different from the God in Nigeria?Nigerian churches engage in businesses to make profit and yet will not pay tax because they hide under church.

But they make profit?Don’t be decieved. The Church that is the bride of Jesus, that Jesus is coming for are not those incorporated institutions but you and me.

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