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No Offering and Tithes at a Church in Abuja,Nigeria


A Church has set aside itself from other churches in Nigeria by not collecting offering and tithes from the members of the church.

Giving Embassy as the name implies is not accepting offerings and tithes from its members,instead,giving out to its congregations.

According to the pastor Edward Olutoke,

“The church is dedicated to the service of humanity especially Nigerians who are mostly poor,unlike every other churches who makes their money through tithes and offerings.”

Givers Embassy also known as Home of Consular Generals,who came into existence at Abuja at the conference hall of 3J’s Hotel last Sunday, July 30, 2017 is basically here to serve Nigerians who are mostly going through hardship in these time of recessions.

Pastor, Edward Olutoke said; “Givers Embassy exists to raise Consular Generals for God’s kingdom on earth. We give visas to houses, cars and businesses. Above all, we give visas to things that make life meaningful.

Giving, as the church choose to consistently do, would help the beneficial move closer to God through their devotion to God’s word, worship, and worthy living. It will inspire the much needed spiritual and socio-economic transformation in their lives and that of others.

In his first church service on Sunday,while delivering a speech,Pastor Edward Olutoke explained that the main problem of Nigeria is Greed. He also noted that giving is an important act that should be practiced by all Christians.

“The major problem in our country is greed,its not Boko Haram or the Biafrans but greed.If we solve the issue of greediness in our country,we would sure benefit a lot from it.

Pastor Edward Olutoke further said,

In Nigeria, we don’t give back to the society. People who give back, give peanuts. We don’t need to only feed the people who are in poverty, we need to give them life. Instead of giving them fish, we teach them how to catch the fish.

While explaining how the church came into existence and about the vision of the church, Pastor Edward Olutoke said,

God told me that as the owner of the church, he would build and sustain the church. God asked me not to collect tithes and offering. We are to help the needy. God said any member of the church who wants to touch other people’s lives can do it directly to the needy.The Holy Spirit is leading us and we don’t want people to believe that they must bring offering to church before they are blessed, no. If I give offering in the church while a woman close to me is dying of hunger, what have I done? “As a Christian, I should not allow that woman to die. The God who created the woman won’t be happy with me if I packaged an offering to the church while she is suffering.”


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