Same OG shares life Story Ahead of August release.

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In preparation for her August 10 song release, Nigerian Christian Hip Hop artiste Same OG has chronicled her life story on her personal website. She has been through tough times and has seen to dry days, but this relentless soul, pulled through all the lows and lemons life threw at her and made lemonade out of it all. Yes! her music is that sweet!

She is known for her hit song “I Ball” and the impact of that song has been of a phenomenal level that has kept her busy, particularly since after the video shoot of the same song.

Same OG is akin to excellence, this can be seen in her production, her brand and her modus-operandi. From the get-go, she has set herself aside for greatness. As her sound blares through the airwaves, it is impossible she bypasses you unnoticed.

Losing her dad to cancer, and her mom, in a short space was a blow no one can be well prepared for. Kicked to the streets and separated from the rest of her family by circumstance, Same OG tried hard to grope out of the dark, buffeted by hunger and suicidal thoughts, she stuck to her passion and it eventually made a way.

Securing a job with a Lagos firm as a scriptwriter and content officer offered some sense of relief from the hard times . Sooner than later, did she return to her first love – music.

While speaking with SelahAfrik‘s Alex Amos, she attested that music was one of the reasons she was able to pull through the periods of ordeal.

“I had to even do corporate begging”, she chuckled ruefully. “Through those times, music was what kept me going.”

Aside the critically acclaimed single “I Ball”, other songs by Same OG includes, “Give it All”, featuring New-School rapper Limoblaze“Carry Me Dey Go” and “I Believe”, featuring Soul. The single “I Ball” has a beautiful lyrics video and official video complimenting the wave making release. Check out all her music Here

Expect Same OG’s newest release August 10, 2017.



Twitter | Instagram: @its_sameog


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