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Onos Ministering at Voltage WarShip in COZA Abuja

Onos Ariyo

Onos Ariyo was part of the ministers that lead the people of God in worship at COZA’s Voltage War-Ship Services. She was there on Tuesday in the company of Wilson Joel and as is regular with her, She tore the place apart with worship.

The Voltage War-ship Services in Common Wealth of Zion Assembly in Abuja, Nigeria has electric, powerful, intense, fiery, exotic, eclectic, divine, loaded, amazing, which other words can we use to describe the experience.

Few days ago the master of unconventional gospel music Tim Godfrey was also at COZA for his turn in the line of the series of powerful, gifted and anointed ministers who have been ministering in the past few weeks.

As usually, Tim Godfrey accompanied by his extraordinary Xtreme crew team literally killed it (like we normally say in colloquial parlance).

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