Our services are Divided into three areas. Your products or services will be advertised or be Promoted on our website, Online Radio and TV Channel.
Website | Radio | TV

We also offers publicity, advertising and promotional services for artistes, churches, events and brands.  We run an online radio station also and plan on going on to TV.

We have also moved on to offer value added services like caller ring back tunes, online sales/distribution clients of audio content for pastors, comedians and music artistes in partnership with VAS companies. We also offer career consultancy strategy sessions

All Prices are in Nigerian Naira.

For website based services are :

For Artists.
Publishing your song on our site and social media pages  10,000
Publishing on 20 sites cost 40,000
Publishing on 40 sites cost 80,000

Radio Services for artistes
Promotional airplay services
Standard Rotation (once per day for 30 days) – 20,000

Light Rotation (twice per day for 30 days) – 30,000.
Heavy Rotation (thrice per day for 30 days) – 40,000 .
All in Nigerian Naira .

Download the document to get the rest of our Advertising Rates and services.


Advert Rates on Gospotainment.com


For enquiries call 07033751573
Email : [email protected]


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  1. hen you publish the song on your site, how long is it there for? ill it be accessible any time or you take it down after one day?

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