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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has recently made the rounds as he predicts the rapture and how it’ll happen.

In one service, he explained to his members how much time is left before the rapture and accompanying events.

He said :

“If it’s 3000 years we know we have 1000 years more to go, if it’s 2500 years we know we have more time to go. How close are we?Let me show you the timeline and just explain three options.”

“Remember the rapture itself has no sign, in other words it can happen anytime, but there is a final stop.”

He showed church members a chart with which he analyzed the events.

In the chart, he said he used the range of the time Jesus walked out of the temple as 30AD and when he was born within 4BC to 2BC to calculate when rapture would occur .

He said :

“If we just take an average of 30AD plus 2000 years from then, we get 2030.”

“From 2020 to 2030, that’s 10 years and it means it won’t be more than 10 years before the man of sin revealed,”.

Pastor Chris explained that it’s along the line of three options that ‘Jesus’ second coming’ will happen.

“Seven years either after or within or across, if it’s after, it’ll be 17 years before Jesus comes back, seven for the tribulations and 10 years before the Antichrist shows up.

“If it’s within, you have three years before he shows up, and if it’s across, you have six and a half years before he shows up but because six months have passed in 2020, that means there are six years remaining.

“It means if it doesn’t happen in three years, it could be six, if it doesn’t in six, it won’t be beyond 10.”

Pastor Chris also added that scientists are also aware of what is coming and that is why they want everyone to have received the vaccine and been implanted with a chip by 2030.

He added :

“2030 is the goal by GAVi and MIT, think about it…Even Satan has been trying to understand the Bible, so he is pushing his agenda. So they have a goal.

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