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Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s 2016 Prophecies

Although the world waited with excitement for the New Year as the curtain drew over 2015, the new year was simply the next day after the 31st of December 2015, ushered in by just a few hours from 2015.

In reality, nothing really makes 2016 different from the previous years except that it is a leap year and that it presents the opportunities for a new start. However, facing a new year with the same paradigms, tendencies and proclivities can almost strangle the newness that there is, except there is a desire backed with actions to embrace it as a package of possibilities to be actualized.

Taking a walk through the experience of Elisha in 1 kings 19:17-26 where Elisha was going about a mundane occupation until Elijah indicated to him that his purpose was greater and beyond his present circumstance. On his response, Elisha accomplished much more than Elijah did in his lifetime.

In 2016, God’s people are set to go forward into greater things. We receive and declare that:

1. We will not be stuck behind anything dumb thing as God will send change in our direction
2. Obstacles will be removed (Isaiah 40:4)
3. It is a year of profound angelic assistance. Our businesses and lives will be governed by heaven.
4. God will give supernatural wisdom
5 We will grow in leaps and bounds not in steps
6. Everything is new, new season, new faith and joy
7. Things will happen with ease and we will have rest from God.
8. There will be crystal clarity of purpose and God’s word.
9. It is a year of double portion of unprecedented favour
10. We will actualize our potentials
11. God will send help in our direction, the very solution to our difficulties
12. God will cause a shift in Nigeria
13. It is a year to be released from debts.
14. The supernatural will do for us what cannot be done naturally
15. God’s promises are getting fulfilled
16. Today’s reality is incomparable to what we will achieve.
17. We will be greater than our forebears from 2016
18. We will henceforth receive divine guidance
19. We will be custodians of unimaginable wealth
20. We will be tools for God to make Africa emerge as the greatest and best economy continent

Indeed, there is a lot to run with and to spark our desire for God and His purpose for us in 2016. As we seek Him diligently, we will find Him.

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