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Nigerian Christian minister, motivational speaker, life coach, and Senior Pastor of the Daystar Christian Center, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, recently spoke on the #ENDSARS movement.

The #ENDSARS movement is a movement which started many years ago as a result of the brutality of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), of the Nigerian Police.

It made headlines all over social media and has over the years, become a recurring issue.

A number of notable Nigerians have, over time, lent their voices and their actions to the movement especially in its most recent wave, which seen many innocent lives lost.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi of the Daystar Christian Center is one of the notable Nigerian personalities who has shared his opinion on the issue.

He opined that until the right thing was done by our leaders, the protests would continue.

He said in a Tweet from his Twitter account:

The #EndSARS campaign continues, till the value system driving the treatment of citizens with indignity by police units and public officials changes.

Public officials must use power to serve citizens, not to intimidate and exploit them. This is one restructuring we really need.

The tweet was precursory to one he made in 2017 stating:

The #EndSARS campaign draws attention to deep issues foundational to Nigeria’s development, including VALUE FOR LIFE and the RIGHT TO BE TREATED WITH DIGNITY.

Sustainable change has to be compelled by citizens. So, campaigns like #EndSARS won’t go away soon.

It is indeed a major problem which needs urgent attention and intervention before things take a more catastrophic turn.

Christian leaders and influencers are also encouraged to take a stand and serve as a beacon of hope and light in times when the nation really needs it. Shalom.

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