Performing Under Pressure – Femi Adediran

Are you under pressure?

Written By: Femi Adediran 

But the much I know is that we all are dealing with one pressure or the other…either Visible or invisible…it could be territorial, marital or financial .Everybody is facing some kind of heat.

According to Physics, Pressure is defined as force acting on a surface per unit area. More often than not we feel pressured out of measure as our surface area seems not able to absorb the pressure acting on it

We admire greatness in other people and love to become great like them, but the truth is that most great men are “borne out of pressure”. And because they have been able to manage their pressure so well, they look so cute…And many admirers don’t really know what it cost to be them…It takes you to be in their shoes and feels what they feel to really know what it cost to be them.

People know most of us by what we say but few know how we feel consequently we can be lonely in the crowd because people evaluate you based on performance never regarding how you feel

The truth is that we are most atimes much more under pressure than we have strength and sometimes it getsso bad that we are despaired of life itself and sometimes you are dealing with pressure that people do not realize. The odd is that some of us who perform the best never get comfort from other people because we make it look easier to be us than it really is and because pressure builds in silence, you can be at the breaking point and not know it

You can appear so calm and still be at the edge


You just want to rush the flight atimes and escape the pain because of the
pressure. It could get so bad that you begin to hurt other people and it could get really bad that we become violent on ourselves

It may not be physical violence, it may be emotional, rehearsing over and over in your life about things you cannot change but it is still violence often described as anger turned inward

Just because someone is silent does not mean that they are okay

Just because they have mastered the art of camouflage, painting a smile on
their face does not mean they are okay

Doing as expected does not mean we are okay

We live in a society where the person who asked you how you are is still working away, they don’t really need an answer, it’s just a normal greeting because if they allow you to say how you really are they would look for a way to escape because a person saying how are you can barely handle his own pressure much less yours.

Pressure mounts for us because we tend to be obligated to be okay, we pretend before the people.

With every blessings comes burden, every blessing brings its own burden, the more blessed you are, the more burdened you are

If you don’t have a baby, you don’t worry about diapers

With baby, come burden of diapers

With blessing of car comes the burden of garage

With blessing of house comes the burden of mortgage

The more God gives you things, the more things burden you about responsibilities

To him much is given, much is required.

The irony about having much is that the man who has less has the tendency
to hate the person who has much because they see the blessing but do not
see the burden.

They don’t know what it cost to be you.

Pretence to be okay is a warfront tactics to prevent you from getting the
needed help. Pretence is to prevent you from putting your problem in proper
perspective – Femi Adediran.

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