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Pictures from Alabanza 4 – (Sounds Of Africa) Concert.

Anyone who was not at the Alabanza Concert this past Friday (16/09/2016) will definitely need to get the DVD if and when it is released because it was such an awesome experience. Thumbs up to the organizers for pulling this one off and we are looking forward to the next edition already. Normally I would do my review and tell what went wrong and right, where and when but the truth is there is nothing really to tell except that all the little littler mistakes here and there can easily be overlooked. All the acts that came up from the A lists to the D lists were outstanding and the Trio of Freke Umoh, Ccioma and Ayo Thompson did an excellent job although coming out in turns to announce the next act every time was not necessary but we forgive them. I could go on, but there is no need to since a picture is worth a more thousand words. Since I have to score like my usual practice is, 80/100 is my verdict.


Chioma Jesus in Powerful Spirited Ministration


Uche Agu and Glowreeyah


Tim Godfrey and The Xtreem


IBK Sings


Bukola Bekes


Hosts, Freke Umoh and Ccioma


Tim Tehila


Spoken Word by GCGT


Freke Umoh


Issabela Melodies




RCCG City Of David Choir


Audience praising God


Praising God Like Never Before

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