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This is a picture of  a  27 year old graduate who studied  Estate Management in Abia State University.Soon after Mr Paul Arisa NYSC, a strange disease struck him which became cancerous,the doctors at the UPTH diagnosed this disease as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,series of treatments and chemotherapy have been done but still needs more treatment.The young man and his family have spent all they have on this disease and they have reached their limit of what they can spend again.Mr Paul adisa life is in danger as we speak.To get a proper treatment Mr Arisa needs 5million Naira for treatment.I can tell you with sincerity that his case is real as seen in the pictures.
Paul Arisa 1 (2) Paul Arisa (2)

Are we going to sit back and watch a promising life get wasted just like that?
Time is ticking away fast. I can tell you with sincerity that his case is real as seen in the pictures.

Are we going to allow this young man to die?
5 million Naira seems a huge amount of money but  if we act collectively, we can do this with ease.
If we can get as many people as possible to donate a minimum of  5million Naira, we can pull this off.

If you can’t afford a big amount of money,any amount you can afford will be greatly appreciated.
Think about the pains the man  and his family will be going through. They have spent all they have. I have confirmed this story and the need for help is extremely urgent.

I make this clarion  to all my friends here with no restrictions of  tribe and tongue. Let’s save a life. Let us all join the campaign to #SavePaulArisa. No one knows what this young man could become tomorrow.
Let’s do this, I beg of you.
Time is ticking away.

Kindly direct all your donations to
Paul Arisa
First Bank

Also if there are useful suggestions that can help push this forward, please let’s feel free to share.
This young man must not die!
Please make your own contribution today and share this information on every platform that you can.
Let’s do this.
For God’s sake.
Wherever you are…
In Aba, Owerri, PH, Abuja, Kogi, Enugu, Lagos, Jos, US, UK, Canada, South Africa, etc….please be part of this.

Don’t be left out.
The good Lord will bless and replenish your source.God bless you.
Bassey, Ukeme Joseph

http://: https://gospotainment.com/please-let-us-save-a-life/


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