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“Polished for the Best” Written By Banglore Icpf

Love, care and devotion are thought of as gentle and soothing attributes that makes one feel special. This is what is desired by most people worldwide. There is, however a different side of love called passion which can be seen in the lives of people who are known to be extraordinary. Most successful people in the world today; sportsmen, social activists, media personalities, actors and actresses have added “discipline” as their virtue to the things they love and that has made them the champions.

On the surface, discipline has a tough shell. Most people don’t like it, and prefer to stay away. But as we dive deeper, we see a connection between discipline and passion. Discipline is the slow and the persistent way towards success. When we choose to be the people who passionately love our work and take control on even simple habits like eating and sleeping, we gain the freedom and power to do things in a very extraordinary way.

Look around, everything is very balanced and beautiful because everything around us works in harmony with these natural laws. Imagining a world without laws and rules we see a descent into chaos. Discipline can be practiced only by setting up rules, and following them steadfastly. It seems very painful to live by rules that aren’t self-defined and rules that challenge our abilities. In the long run, however, it is these very rules which make us stronger, bring harmony into our lives and make us achievers.
“No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening–it’s painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way–(Bible)

It’s very unlikely that our childhood memories could miss out pages of scolding and disciplining by our parents. If at all we are civilized good human beings today, the credit may have to fall back to them. Likewise, God too disciplines His children like a good father. So that we may shun away from evil and become good. There had been only one who lived a perfect life and it is Jesus. May the challenges, rains and discomforts of our life Polish us -to be like Him- to be the Best.

Written By: Banglore Icpf

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