Powerful Inspirational Message from Kenny Kore – Churchainity Vs Christianity.

When we say we are GOING TO church, we don’t often like to admit it but what we mean is we are going to:

1. A place,
2. A denomination,
3. A specific brand,
4. A particular logo,
5. Some sets of selective doctrines,
6. An incorporation.

And we do these 6 things over, and over, and over again. It has now become our christian reality.
The true church of Jesus Christ is not a place you go to, it is not a denomination, it is not a brand, it is not a logo, it is not an incorporation. This church is not selective with its doctrines; it is built on the whole counsel of GOD.  It is EKKLESIA, a calling out of.

How often do your friends come to your house and say they’re in church?
How often do you hang out with your colleagues during lunch and think you’re in church?
Do we connect on our fb’s, bb’ s, twitters, Instargrams, websites etc and have church?
When the Bible says, the church in Laodicea, Philadelphia etc, that s like saying the church in Lagos, Abuja, or New York, is that what we have today?
Is the church in Philadelphia a denomination?
No, it is a gathering of believers who live in the same city.

Jesus decentralized our focus from the PLACE to the HOW,(in spirit and in truth).-John 4:21,23&24.
The only thing that would suffer if we do it the way our Master said it should be done is our INCs. “From insight, I know GOD will NOT uproot the denominations.
There ALWAYS has to be a market for those that choose to buy falsehood. That’s the law of demand and supply.

Rather, GOD will call His own sheep out of the denominations, and build them up as a church that the gates of hell cannot prevail against.
Revelation 18:4, Matthew 5:14, 2 Corinthians 6:17.

This is to encourage you to be careful of the system (religious institutions), denominationalism, Christianity as a Brand. Be very careful.  The system is a snake. And snakes do bite. And venom does spread.

In Mark 16:18, Jesus promised us protection against snakes.
That promise is still valid today. But not for those that choose to cosy up to the glitterati in the den of asps…”

We Come To The Unity Of Faith


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