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In light of the ongoing protests and demonstration against police brutality and other unpleasant aspects of life in Nigeria, more prayer walks are being organized.

These prayer walks are organized by the Christian community to express solidarity in the struggle for a new Nigeria.

This particular aspect of the movement officially kicked off on Sunday 11th of October, 2020, when a group of young Christians took to the streets to intercede and pray in tongues while joining their counterparts to protest.

The idea of prayer walks has since been capitalized upon after video recordings of the prayer session have been making rounds all over social media, and more churches and their leaders have publicly declared support and solidarity.

There are plans in place for more walks all across Nigeria to keep intercession ongoing and to help in ensuring that the protests do not lose steam.

There is currently a planned prayer walk for Obalende, Lagos as well as Ogun state. Both are scheduled to take effect on Friday 16th October, 2020. More updates on the events will be out as plans progress.

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