R&B Singer Chrisette Michele To Release Gospel Album After Overcoming Depression


R&B soul singer Chrisette Michele opens up on plans to release a gospel album after overcoming a depression that came as a result of criticism over her choice to perform at President Trump’s inaugural ball held in Washington, last year.

Sometime in October last year, Michele took to social media and told her fans about her battle with depression and suicidal thoughts.

People ask me how I’m so positive after all I’ve been through. When you’re laying in bed naked, next to a bottle of Bacardi and Xanex. When you wear pajamas morning and night,” she wrote on Instagram. “When you don’t pick up the phone for weeks, months. When you’re afraid to look at social media.

Michele who performed alongside gospel singer and preacher Travis Greene at the Liberty Ball, the first of three official balls held in Washington, D.C. on January 20th, 2017 celebrating Trump’s inauguration.

The amazing singer revealed that she lost a lot of fans and was dropped from her record label. Michele was also disowned by members of her family. The 35-year-old explained on her Rich Hipster Blog that her life was turned upside down due to, but her challenges also helped her to experience God like never before.

My image became so tainted and bruised. I made so many mistakes.  My life turned upside down. I’d been so hurt. I was hit with blemishes and I couldn’t hide them. I had the whole world to see and gawk and COMMENT.

Over the last two years, I’ve gotten to know God like never before. My latest “fail” broke me to the core. I knew something this time. This time I knew that I had to strip trying to be perfect. I had to let go and let God. Refusing to despise what God allowed, I kept my face at His throne. I covered my ears from the noise and replaced it with the music and the books, speeches, and movies His children make.

It was the first time in my life where I really realized why Gospel artists create gospel music. They create for everyday people like you and me who are imperfect. People who fall. People who make mistakes. We are all human and looking to God to make us whatever He desires. We all seek purpose. We all want to be on the right path. For the first time in my life, I stopped worrying about trying to be perfect for others and I let my walls down. It was time for me to be human and let God be God.

Michele, however, noted that asking the right question was one of the things that helped her scale through her dark moments.

In life, everyone has highs and lows. People don’t look for an “example” to follow when they’re on top. They look for it when they’ve fallen. I could have spent the last year and a half asking God “why me” or “how could this happen” but instead, I asked Him, “where are you?” And “what do you need from me?”.

The singer also explained that it was at the point where it was like her world has come crashing and everything seemed out of place that the motivation to write do a gospel came was birthed.

I want to record a Gospel album. That’s crazy to me. I’ve always been so opposed to creating things specifically for those who are trying to live a life after Christ. I’ve always said, “Let me create for the ones who don’t know Him. Let me be an example of a ‘real’ human being who honors Him in my actions.” You know what happened? I fell flat on my face in front of the whole world. God had to show me that what I do for the kingdom isn’t for “me” to shine but it’s for “Him” to shine.

My life is going to show a CRAP LOAD of failures. If my mistakes are proof that God is real, then so be it. The nine-year-old me would never have thought that Christians struggle. I thought hey were perfect and perfect was how I planned to live my life. I thought THAT was how souls would be introduced to the love of Christ.

She also admitted feeling worthless and said she began drinking so much that she couldn’t see or speak clearly. Michele remembers feeling that she did not want to wake up. Still, regardless of how dark it was then she accredited God for covering her in those times.

God is intentional and He never fails. What was meant to break me has now only strengthened me and my walk,” she maintained. “I’m so grateful to those who tried to pull me down. God has shown me what His faithfulness means.

I promise you, I felt Him cover me like a blanket. I told Him I was out of control,” she said. “I told Him I was having thoughts about leaving and not finishing all He’s called me to. He listened.

God is moving. It’s blowing my mind. Growing up in the church, you learn that God is great. But as you get older He proves it.

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