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Read: My love letter to Nigeria by Yadah [@yadahsing]

After releasing two powerful songs this year, Yadah releases breathe taking photos to celebrate Nigeria and here is her message below…..



If we cant’ stick together because our languages are different, we will learn how to speak one language. 
Nigeria, If the trumpets are blown to show that you harbour thieves,  I Will blow trumpets announcing beautiful Agbani,  the Young Enugu boy Who constructed a small airplane, Ufot Ekong Who broke a foreign country’s 50 year record,  clergy men working tirelessly, I will talk about Yadah (smiles) .


 If they conclude you’re ugly,  I Will tell them of wikki warm springs in Bauchi,  I will scream Obudu cattle ranch into their ears.


Home of the talented and the skilled, the brave and the strong, beautiful work of art,  designed by nature itself.

Nigeria, We will raise your flag, peace and unity at the centre Of wealth and natural endowment. Green-white-green. How can the center not hold? 
How would we dare waste the labour of our heroes Past ?  Taiwo Akinkunmi’s prophetic effort ? 
How would we rip us of the freedom we fought for ?

We Will learn love and honesty again, so we can grow into a people you’ll be proud to host.
We Will work till you’re prized high,  pray till you’re like heaven,  where God’s Will is done. 
We Will learn afresh to value lives,  a virtue that’s never too old. 
We’ll learn not to rip you of your greenness, from which the oxygen we breathe is released, but in Wisdom explore all of your bountiful wealth.

We Will learn the truth again,  for in it we’ll find the way and life itself. 
We’ll pick up our MOTTO where we parked it, we We will run with UNITY AND FAITH. We needed it,  so do we now.

We Will allow the God of creation to direct our noble cause. 
His sons are here!!!

The words of the righteous prevail over you.

I believe in Nigeria.
I love Nigeria. 
Nigeria is blessed. .

Happy 57th independence Nigeria!!!

See photos below of Yadah below.

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