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Revelation & Progress – How We Are Misleading Ourselves – How Societies Are Made Great – Dr Tylor Tayo- Ilori

“…Progress is not automatic, in the sense that if we were all to be cast into a deep slumber for the space of a generation, we should awake to find ourselves in a greatly improved social state.

The world only grows better, even in the moderate degree in which it does grow better, because people wish that it should, and take the right steps to make it better…”


Society is planned and worked into being. Revelation and insight for a better and more advanced world comes out of an exhaustive consumption of different existing bodies of knowledge and the mind combining them in a meaningful way to present a completely new and applicable information.

Revelation and insights are achieved in a scientific way.


I have come to see people who know nothing about how we got here, who know nothing about the principles that organize our society into this mold and have not studied a single literature on society, “praying” for insight and revelation for the next level of social advancement and national development.

I have seen people who know nothing about simple laws of physics, praying for revelation to pioneer the next phase of our telecommunication.

By design, man is always looking for shortcut, mostly avoiding the work and responsibility to organize where he lives despite being imbued with the capacity for such by his creator. Man would rather magic than the effort needed.

Many teachers are capitalizing on this human nature. Instead of encouraging their tribe to exhaust themselves in different existing bodies of knowledge, to do the work, they lure them on the path of magic.

Progress requires work. And work must be guided by insight. And insight requires work – understanding the minds of teachers that have come before and going beyond them.


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