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Review: Nicole Mullen – Imara Mma Prod. Frank Edwards

Nicole Mullen - Imara Mma

Nicole Mullen has a brand new song out today titled Imaram Mma, produced by Frank Edwards.

Some time ago, Frank Edwards announced a sort of collaboration with Nicole Mullen on his social media pages by saying ‘Welcome to RockTown’ to the American singer. Since then we have waited for a song or any other sort of artistic collaboration. Today, it looks like that announcement has come through, the Rock Town Boss just tweeted what we might say is the first instalment of the partnership.

As it is with Frank Edwards, He Got Nicole to sing in Igbo. For some reason he always wants to get them to sing in Igbo, that was the same case with Don Moen.

About the song

Imara Mma which means ‘You Are Beautiful’ in Igbo language as delivered by Nicole Mullen, is truly a lovely song, heartfelt showcasing the feelings of a true worshipper. This song which was produced by Frank Edwards also featured the Frank Edwards touch; that excellent sound production, mixed with a cleanly played instrumental alls melting into a pot of delicious music. Vocals – its Nicole Mullen, the Nicole Mullen, vocal delivery can’t be any less than sonorous. There is something about singing in Igbo, it brings out the beauty of a voice. This is very evident in Nicole’s singing. The harmony and melody in her vocals literally beautified the song.

 Download link – Imara Mma



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