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Ripples Of Time Written By ICPF Bangalore

In physics it is a measure in which events can be ordered from the past through the present and into the future. Some call it as an illusion, a dimension, a smooth-flowing continuum, and an expression of separation among events.

For a layman the term ‘time’ is not that complex. It’s a gift from above which is not biased to colour , creed or race. Whether it is rich or poor, Presidents or way wards, all are alike. All of them get 24 hours,not a micro second more. Time won’t wait for any. The famous saying, time and tide waits for none holds true in this context. It’s worth is based on how it’s been spend.

As the famous quote says every square on the calendar is a frame for one episode of our life. We all are square fillers. It’s purely our choice, how we fill them.

Many may have lived long but some in their short time have made a strong impact over humanity. Like the one who lived for just 33 years in this world.[The outstanding personality of all time. Jesus is his name! Everything He has ever said or did has value even today, and that is something you can say of no other man, alive or dead].

Time for us is like a fast moving river moving swiftly through the big rocks while it’s in the uphills. Life does take giant leaps during occasions like marriage, job, having kids etc. But a river spends most of its time over the plains where it kisses thousands of small pebbles. Life is like that for us
It’s does not just comprise of big events but it’s the million smaller ones that gives sunshine and meaning to it.

It may be a coffee with your loved one, time with your kid, walking along with your mother, short drive out in the mountains, taking time to write, dancing in the rain, helping a needy, praying for a sick, holding the hands of an orphan, emptying purse for a good cause and million other things. Instead, we use it to fight, indulge in our egos, pointless shopping, eating junks and rolling over the couch with a TV remote, gadgets, WhatsApp and Facebook.

It’s Time to change! Let’s start collecting our precious pebbles so that on that day when we scribble our Adieu, we will be rest assured to take back a deposit that neither moths nor rust destroy and which the thieves cannot even break in and steal. A life worth lived, a reward that stays and a journey that lives an impact.

A life filled with the love of God and a heart beating to bring smiles on many, will never have to be ashamed.These are ripples flowing from one person to another, leaving lasting imprints in the lives within our reach. Do you have an instance where someone invested their time? Leave a comment and share it with us!


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