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MikeSongz Of D’Genesis Gospel Rock Band Speaks About Rock Music In Nigeria

In a short interview with the band leader of “D’Genesis” he reveals his point of view as Nigerians tend to give low or no attention to the rock genre of Gospel Music.

In his words he said

Music is often considered a form of language. As a language, it can’t be understood by everyone.

In the past years, Nigeria’s music sector has evolved accepting various genres of music such as Jazz, Disco, Reggae, Highlife, Afrobeat, Hip-hop, Rap leaving Rock Music underground.

Labeling a particular genre of music “demonic” just because you were told/heard about a particular rock song which spoke of demons and hell and blaa..blaa…blaa is the highest level of naivety and ignorance (yes!). And the wrong judgment as this has further diminished the growth of Rock music in Nigeria’s mainstream music negatively.

Rock Music isn’t lacking in Nigeria, it is the publicity that is lacking. The likes of Rooftop MC’s, CLAY, Threadstone, Eben to mention few has been able to create a foundation for the rise of Rock Music in Nigeria.

The “Rocktoberfest” concert which is held annually in Lagos is not receiving enough media attention, Moreso Rock artiste/bands are not usually recognized nor nominated in prestigious Music award shows here in Nigeria.

Moreover the emergence of Rock artiste/bands such as Johnny Drille, Gospel Force, Footprint5, RepJ360, D’Genesis, IkayRocks to mention a few are forces to reckon with and this gives hope.
Rock Music is here in Nigeria, it’s getting bigger and better….slowly but surely.

D’Genesis is a band of Gospel-Driven youths who are enthusiastic about making the Gospel spread it’s wings across the globe. They have ministered in countless churches alongside Gospel Force and other Nigerian Gospel Rock Bands.

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