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Nigerian renowned pastor and life coach, Pastor Sam Adeyemi of the Daystar Christian Center, has lamented and condemned the killing of Lagos protesters last night.

Pastor Adeyemi, who has a reputation of being a voice of Nigerian youth, had been talking about the issue of police brutality as a reference point for other aspects of government decadence.

He made a tweet concerning police brutality in 2017 which went viral two weeks ago with the commencement of a large scale public outcry for an end to police brutality and a reform of the Nigerian Police Force.

In the 2017 tweet, he said:

The #EndSARS campaign draws attention to deep issues foundational to Nigeria’s development, including VALUE FOR LIFE and the RIGHT TO BE TREATED WITH DIGNITY.

Sustainable change has to be compelled by citizens. So, campaigns like #EndSARS won’t go away soon.

The tweet made social media rounds in light of the public resistance against Police brutality and extrajudicial killing. It was followed up by another tweet stating:

The #EndSARS campaign continues, till the value system driving the treatment of citizens with indignity by police units and public officials changes.

Public officials must use power to serve citizens, not to intimidate and exploit them. This is one restructuring we really need.

With the #EndSARS movement taking an unimaginable turn with the military being unleashed to disperse protesters, resulting in a high number of deaths, people has expressed grievances on social media including Adeyemi, who posted on his Instagram:

Young people in Nigeria were asking for their country to let them live, but those that should protect them took some of their lives.

We pray comfort for those that lost loved ones, and healing for those hurt. God is our Ultimate Judge. #ENDSARS #VALUEFORLIFE 💔🇳🇬

Prayers and condolences to those who’ve lost someone in the fight against Police brutality.

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