Sam Adeyemi: No Church Member Should Go To Bed Hungry!


The church is a place of worship and prayers, but beyond that, it is a place of refuge, a place of acceptance, love, and care. A home for all regardless of background, tribe, educational qualification or social status, but is the church really measuring up in terms of going out of the way to know how its members are faring?

No church member should go to bed hungry, those were the words of Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Assembly in one of his recent Instagram post.

Pastor Sam who took to Instagram yesterday, reiterated the need for churches to rise to the primary purpose of the new testament church which is to replicate what was done in the book of Acts of the Apostles in today’s church.

According to him, the early church made sure that none of its own went to bed hungry, the welfare of the people was paramount.

What do churches do with church money?

What are we supposed to do?

The primary thing that was done in the bible is what we should do; take care of the welfare of church members.

I believe that every new testament church should ensure that what is done in Acts of the Apostles is done in the church, they did not allow anyone to go to bed hungry.

That is the obligation we have put on ourselves, that no one should go to bed hungry, that’s part of what the church does with church money.

The question that is likely bugging the heart of any Nigerian reading this now is ‘can the Nigerian church ever get to a point where the welfare of EVERY member becomes paramount irrespective of tribe, educational qualification or social status, considering the rate of preferential treatment going on in some churches.

Somehow the church which is supposed to be a place for ALL has suddenly become a place of discrimination and deception, where the politicians and the rich who give more are applauded and treated better not minding the source of their wealth.

Some of the so-called ministers are more concerned about enriching themselves by manipulating the congregation into sowing seeds to attract God’s blessings or escape certain misfortune that they are told will befall them if they don’t comply.

This move by Pastor Adeyemi is quite applaudable, and a proof that the current ongoing reformation is producing a result.

It is also a wake-up call to the GO’s, church leaders and every believer to rise above self-centeredness and begin to love and care for one another in the little ways they can. Like Pastor Sam Adeyemi has rightly said, “NO CHURCH MEMBER SHOULD GO TO BED HUNGRY”.

Watch video below:

This is what we should do in church. Do you agree? Let me know below???? Checkout the full series now on-demand. Sign up link in bio. #giving #graceforgiving #soaringhigher #soarhigher #soarlikeaneagle ##blessed #samadeyemi #inspiration #motivating #acts #samadeyemi_inspiration?

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What do you think about this move?

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