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Sam Ore Ministries Kicks Off JOY (Jesus Only Earthquake) on Facebook

JOY Depression

Sam Ore Ministries is out to Kick start JOY(Jesus Only Earthquake) live on Facebook, every Friday with hot topics.

JOY is a programme that is set aside to discuss issues in the body of Christ that needs to be addressed.

This programme would get started on Friday, 10th November, 2017 and the topic for this friday would be  “Why am I always depressed?”, answers will be proffered and will be discussed.

Here is a short clip video about JOY

More Informations


Time: 6 PM (UK) | 7 PM (NG) | 2 PM EST

Other hot topics include:

Eternal Security.
Grace, a license to sin?
Does a Christian need deliverance?
Can we really hire God to kill our enemies?
What is my purpose in life?
How to deal with bitterness and hurt… and much more.

You can also send your hot topic to address.

About Sam Ore Ministries

Sam Ore Ministries is the originator of Kingdom Ambassdors Christian Center (KACC)

Sam Ore ministries has a global, Apostolic mandate to spread the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ and His grace to the ends of the earth.

Brief History of KACC

Kingdom Ambassadors Christian Center (KACC) formerly known as Oasis International Christian Center (OICC) was officially founded and inaugurated on November 2nd 2002 at Jackson road elementary school, Silver Spring, Maryland.

The original vision behind the former name, OICC was predicated on a series of encounters Pastor Sam Ore had with God in which Oasis was to serve as a haven for those that are spiritually, mentally and emotionally weak, tired, hungry and hopeless.

After bearing this name for over six years, God began to expand the vision of the church to Pastor Ore by showing him that this church was not to be confined to just an OASIS.

The church was to become a revolution center that would stretch out beyond the confines of an oasis in the middle of a dessert to the dry lands and wastelands in this world and re-establish the government of the kingdom of God.

Hence OICC was renamed Kingdom Ambassadors Christian Center (KACC) in July 2008 to fulfill the original mandate that was given us by Jesus.

Remember it’s #JesusOnlyYouthquake (#JOY)!

Connect with Sam Ore Ministries on
Twitter: @PastorSamOre
YouTube: Sam Ore Ministries
Instagram: @samoreministries

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Written by Joy Okorie