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Sammie Okposo and team onboard a private jet, off to an event.

Gospel music minister Nathaniel Bassey shared this very insightful post about life and ministry. Read and be blessed.



Had a telephone conversation with the famous Sammy Okposo, a friend and colleague in the music ministry. Now that’s him right there aboard a private jet, along with his music team.

Now, this is the picture of music ministry that most people want, but before you desire this, just read on.
Is this about flying on a private Jet, certainly not. For me, as with most, if not every testimony or praise report I hear, I look out for the principles or life’s lesson.

On this faithful day, He gets a call to minister somewhere in Nigeria, (details with-held),
Not the regular big cities with mega churches – Lagos, Portharcourt, Abuja and the likes. It wasn’t one of the big name denomination. However, from his findings, it was a Bible Believing Church. He felt it was right and okay to go. Now, that may sound easy but I tell you, it takes some courage to hit the road with your team, to a place you know little about.

According to him, because by road, it would take about 3-4hrs by road to this state, He considered going it on road even though there are flights plying that route. Sometimes, I mean sometimes, we consider things like this depending on the size of the host and as our logistics and schedule allows. But all the same, it’s a huge sacrifice. And mind you, this is popular Sammie Okposo willing to hit the road.

Then He gets a call saying there’s been a change in plan. They were now to report to the airport. And that they did. The obvious take off points were either the old or new domestic terminals where they’d board the ARIKS, AERO or the others. But alas! There was another plan. He was further directed to a private hanger where they boarded a private jet, the picture posted below. Well, He found out some influential person who learnt of his coming had generously offered his PJ to airlift them. The gist of how they felt onboard is story for another day. But for now, let’s look at the the crux of his post.
And hope you see He didn’t demand for a private Jet, but I believe God decided to give them a treat. And this is really a snap shot of how things happen sometimes.

It is very easy to see such picture, and run to town with the impression that this is what ministry is about. And how it plays out. But never really know the sacrifices preceding such. Sammy shared how he has had to, on several occasions, travel tough just to honour an event. The times when u get to open an envelope and what you see is enough to kill your anointing. Sure you may have read some of mine. I mean, until very recently a church, I’m talking about a month back, where you finish ministering you get a cheque from a sizeable ministry, only to find out days later it was a dud cheque (bounced Check), and the same folks who practically ran your battery down before the event, just fizzle out. Sammy and I went through such instances over the phone, and really had a good laugh. But you see, we both agreed that ministry was at the end of the day, SACRIFICE. One where you had some great experiences and very painful ones. And we have come to understand that God allows both for a reason. However, this did not justify the behavior of those who deliberately behaved badly. But we agreed there were genuine and sincere ministries and groups who just didn’t have so much to do what they would love to do if they had the means.

One very important point to note is that God tries our hearts even with those bad experiences. And how we react or respond can sometimes decide our next level. David put it this way, ” 12 Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place.” Ps 66:12.

We must never forget that ministry actually means service. And I tell you, you would meet some very nice people along the way, and some not so nice ones too. But one thing we must be careful not to do is to make generalizations after some bad moments. In all we have seen and been through, I remind my self that God called me, and not those who act in a way to hurt us. I never allow my self to compromise my stance and principles because of a few tough folks and situations. Come to think of it, what have we suffered that Jesus didn’t, million times over? We must fix our gaze on Christ, in the face of difficulties and disappointments. But then, this doesn’t mean you willingly offer your self to be treated badly by those who choose to do so deliberately.

You would agree with me it would then become insanity beyond belief for Sammy to then make flying on a private Jet a ministry requirement before ministering. He seems to understand that this is an experience that the Lord allowed to happen for a reason best known to him. And not the NEXT LEVEL of ministry as many would now see it.

So the next time you see a picture of this kind, remember that ministry is Sacrifice. Sometimes you find Gold, other times you find stones – according to a friend, DENNIS ANDERSON. We must also never forget that ministry is NOT about private Jets or speed boats. Rather, it is about carrying out God’s mandate, plan and will in the earth, and how ever he wishes to carry out the assignment, is entirely his prerogative. Whether on a donkey, car, Keke or private Jet.

….. I have learnt to abound and abase….
Paul Speaking… Phillipians 4…

God bless you all.

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