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American Christian music artist, Sarah Kroger releases a new single titled “MONUMENT”, which can be heard below.

“MONUMENT” was written by Kroger, Matt Maher, and Ike Ndolo. Maher also produced the track along with Jacob Sooter. 

Kroger shared on social media when speaking about her new song:

“I wrote ‘Monument’ last summer with my friends Ike Ndolo Music and Matt Maher, having no clue about the wave of racial injustice awakening our country would be going through when it released,”.

“As a worship songwriter, we use metaphors to talk about the mystery of God all the time. The thing is, if you’re going to use a word, you have to be ready to own it. Just two weeks ago we went back into the studio and took another look at this song through the lens of the current context.”

Kroger also added, explaining what the song title:

“It means, ‘something that reminds.’ It’s simple, really. We stand on the foundation of Christ and what he’s done. There’s no greater monument than the empty grave. He left it behind to remind us of His power over sin and death – a power He shares with us. That’s our heritage and history. That’s the flag we fly over our lives. It’s true freedom, where we come from and where we’re going.”

Watch The Video Here:

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