Seth Crane Drops New Single “Fly Away”

Seth Crane wrote “Fly Away” after visiting Bobby Ramage, a family friend who was in hospice care.

“When we left the hospital and were driving home, my mom and I talked about what it must be like for Bobby to be between earth and heaven, transitioning from this life to eternity,”. “From there, the lyrics to ‘Fly Away’ began to develop in my heart and mind. Ironically, just a few hours later, Bobby left this world and embraced Jesus face-to-face.” 

– Seth Crane

Crane literally grew up surrounded by church music, sitting as a little child on his mother’s lap while playing the piano in the church.

“Because I refused to go to the nursery, Mama’s arms and hands played all around me and I was right there in the middle of it,”

– Seth Crane

Ramage’s family has expressed appreciation that Crane has in this manner paid homage to their loved ones.

“My father would be so honored that encouragement for eternal life through Christ lives on through Seth’s song, inspired by the last few hours of his own life,”

– Ramage’s daughter

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