Sickness Is Not Your Enemy By Alexander Victor

Alexander Victor Teaching

[Let us reason together]

You have worked hard. You have been judicious with your earnings so you have saved a tidy sum and now you have a fortune in your bank account. Or you have been credited with a colossal sum of money which is pretty much inexhaustible.

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All that money does not translate to anything of value in your life- UNTIL a need arises for you to spend (from) it.

A demand must be placed on what is in your account in order for it to translate to value in your life in a particular ramification. To money, a need is not the enemy, but an opportunity to spend it and add value.

In the same vein, CHRiSt died for you, was beaten and scourged for your healing, and now, healing is credited to you. It BELONGS to you, by legal right as a son of God after the order of CHRiSt.

That is WHY sickness comes- so you can place a demand on the healing you already have! You are NOT healed when you fall sick; you only appropriate the healing you ALREADY had since the cross!

Think of sickness showing up like a need for which you use your ATM card (the Name above all names- through faith in the Name; Acts 3:16) to you withdraw from your “healing” account with God.

Next time sickness comes calling, don’t panic! Just withdraw healing from your inexhaustible account! That’s why sickness could even show up; to give occasion for healing to answer it!

Sickness is not from your enemies or your village. Sickness is not the enemy. It is a need for which you already have supply! You are a SON of God with a loaded account! Spend! It doesn’t run out! The devil is a liar!

[1 Peter 2:24, KJV: Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.]

Are you sick right now? Open your mouth in knowledge, confidence and faith; SPEND SOME HEALING from your account! Sickness can’t stay; your healing account is too fat for ANY KIND OF DISEASE!

Hallelujah! Let the praise reports roll in…


Written By Alexander Victor

Alexander Victor Teaching

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