There are some areas of our lives where we need to examine our habits, so that we can know how and where to start breaking free from bad habits or which habits are of advantage to us that we need to build on.

1) SPIRITUAL HABITS: Our spiritual habit will inform our character, our Christian witness, our spiritual activities such as, reading the Bible, praying, like sharing the word of God, applying the word of God to our lives, spiritual meditation
and allowing the word of God be formed inside us. These are habits we must inculcate to grow spiritually.

2) FAMILY HABITS: This are habits that will help us build our home. It will determine how we love our spouses, how we respect our spouses, how we train up our children, how we discipline our children so we don’t pass on the same negative habits we have to them.

3) RELATIONSHIP HABITS: This will help us work on the way we relate to people; our
commitment, our friendship and our loyalty. If all your friends are gossips and you move around and make more gossips as friends, you have to start thinking – What is it about me that keeps
attracting me to gossips? Why do I keep gravitating towards these people? In the same manner, some people are used to having friends that disappoint them or they trust people that always fail them.

4) FINANCIAL HABITS: This focuses on how we handle money; our habit of spending, habit of saving and habit of investment. Poverty most of the time is a habit. Yes!, there are other things that can cause poverty – inequality, injustice,
unfairness in the distribution of resources in a location can cause poverty, but a lot of the time there are also personal habits that makes us not to be able to handle money well. Money comes to us, but it flows out of us because we have bad spending habits, bad saving habits and bad investment habits. We need to replace them with good habits.

5) HEALTH HABITS: How do you treat your body? Do you eat healthy? Do you exercise your body? You cannot always keep sickness away
from you, but there are things you can do to make yourself healthy. There are some unhealthy lifestyle choices that will predispose you easily to some health challenges. We need to build good habits around our healthy life.

6) WORK HABITS: This talks about how we handle responsibilities – time management, solving problems, professionalism, effectiveness e.t.c. There are people who lose their jobs almost all the time, promotion never comes to them. They are passed by every time there is promotion. Sometimes it can be a conspiracy or an attack or all of that, but we must examine if we have habits that deny us promotion, habits that make good things pass us by. Ask yourself, have I built habits that do not promote me, but demote me?

Tomorrow, we shall be conducting an honest assessment of our life. Have you registered for Accessing Business Finance?

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