Sola Allyson Addresses Superlicious Views On Her Faith

Sholla Allyson

On her Instagram account, indigenous female singer Sola Allyson has addressed the judgemental views on her faith.

Apparently, the singer has been criticized for not calling the name of Jesus enough and vice versa in her songs. She is of the view that the bedrock of her messages is Jesus Christ and either saliently or obviously, the name is being acknowledged in her songs.

Sola Allyson saidPeople should stop bothering me and sending me messages about mentioning or not mentioning Jesus, please. I’m an Artist, I mention this Name in different ways, it is a shallow mind that would not hear IT in my songs.

By the way, it is my prerogative to express my gift in the way that I’m given. I am not living my life for the people of the church, I live my life to fulfill my own purpose according to GOD’S Mind. Stop judging whether I’m a Christian or not. I have my life to live.

She Further Said  ” You nay-sayers always have something to say! O ga o. You look look titititi, nothing to judge, your tempter the devil now put shallow things in your mind, and you can’t remember the word of Jesus about poking your nose in other people’s salvation walk?! Please stop bothering me. Remove the logs of wood in your own life first, abeg.

The Pharisees of Jesus’ lifetime on earth missed HIS truth because of this kind of notion. It’s about your depth. I believe everyone should mind their salvation business, not looking around for people who mention Jesus or not”.

You monitoring spirits” and “angels of remembrance”,please mind your own business!


Connect With Shola Allyson:

Twitter: @allyson_sola

Instagram: @solaallyson

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