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Tim Godfrey‘s Soundcheck Season 3 is inching closer to its conclusion as at the end of yesterday’s show, 10 contestants emerged from the 14 contestants that participated in yesterday’s session.

The show, which is in its third consecutive season, is the brainchild of Dr. Tim Godfrey, who envisioned a platform for the creation of opportunities for young talented artists within the music sphere to blossom and polish their talents.

This year’s edition, being the E-edition due to the effect of the COVID-19 situation in Nigeria at the moment, is the first of its kind, and as usual, Tim Godfrey has found a way to spice things up by running it as a series of Instagram and YouTube live sessions on his page where viewers can watch and vote their favorite contestants.

It’s been an intense experience for the contestants on Soundcheck Season 3, and an absolute delight to the audience as the show has trimmed down the over 2000 contestants to just 10.

The 10 contestants will be further churned down to a number 6 finalists tomorrow, 26th May 2020. These 6 finalists will then battle it out for the top 3 at the final stages. Watch Out!

To keep up with the latest on the show, follow Tim Godfrey’s Instagram @timgodfreyworld. Also follow @soundcheckafrica

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