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Today, we put the spotlight on one of Nigeria’s gospel music artists and ministers, in the person of Ijay Grigs.

Ijay Grigs, who recently celebrated her birthday, is a sonorous singer and minister with a commanding presence when she sings.

She has recorded a number of wonderful Christian songs as well as music videos including “YOUR LOVE IS IN THE ROOM”, “NARA”, “KADOSH”, amongst others. She also has an album titled “TORRENTS OF LIGHT”.


Popularly called “Ijay”, Ijeoma Agiriga is a Nigerian born worship leader and recording artiste. She grew up in a music-loving family amidst 4 other amazing vocalists who also happen to be her siblings.

Ijay began singing at the age of 5 in the Deeper life children’s choir through the persuasion of her Sunday school teacher and before she graduated from high school she did not only become the choir leader of her school chapel choir, she was also nick named “the song bird” by her teachers and other students.

As she advanced in age, so did she in her passion to know God, serve Him and fulfill His will for her life. Due to the confidence she had developed from singing at an early age, she felt that she could serve God in any choir and proceeded to serve in church alongside her academic pursuits as a teenager.

However, she noticed that all her attempts to be a background vocalist continued to be futile with every ear that heard her.

She became a part of the Federation of Colleges Christian Association, Nigeria where she served in several capacities including drama coordinator, but remained popular for her worship ministry. 

In 2010, she traveled to Kenya where she became a part of the Redeemed Christian Church of God(RCCG) the Ambassadors Parish, Nairobi.

In less than 4 months of being a part of the choir, she was appointed a worship leader in her church. Through the help of her pastors and leaders, she identified that there was more to her gift and so she took up the challenge of writing her own songs.

Ijay’s desire to know God intimately remains at the core of her worship ministry. This passion got to its peak after her baptism in the Holy Spirit which she reiterates as the greatest experience she has ever had in her walk with God; she remembers that this made her singing transcend beyond producing beautiful notes to an encounter with the real Person she writes or sings about.

In 2014, she released her debut single, “Healing Stream” which gained great feedback from her audience till date.

Her passion remains to share the healing love of Jesus Christ with the hurting and broken through her music.

Ijay believes that man was made in “in the glory”, and so anything can be recreated whenever people’s hearts become clay before that Mighty Presence, the Love that formed them.

​Ijay Grigs has enjoyed the privilege of worship leading in Kenya, Nigeria and several cities across the United Kingdom, including Manchester at the biannual RCCG Festival of Life summit.

She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in International Relations from United States International University, Africa in Nairobi.

She also has a Masters of science degree in international Human Resources Management from Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield.

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