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Gospotainment Media is a gospel music/ entertainment mass media organization aimed at promoting and propagating gospel music and christian entertainment. We have been online for 6 years now and our online radio channel is 3 years old now.

Some of our platforms are

Gospotainment Online

Gospotainment Radio 

Gospotainment TV

Our Mission

To promote and propagate gospel music and Christian entertainment globally.

To save our youths from the destruction of secular music and entertainment, which in these days is filled with sex, nudity, violence, strong language and other vices.

To put gospel music, entertainment and artists on every media available be it TV, Radio, Print and internet as the alternative to secular entertainment.

We intend to get cooperate organization and bodies to invest in the gospel music industry and artiste by giving them endorsements and contracting  as brand models.

We long to bring real worship and praise atmosphere to the needy and hurting in the society and get their lives transformed.

Partner with us

To achieve the above mission, we need your support.

For a gift donation of as low as $5 or ₦1,000 per month we can achieve a lot. Please if you are also lead to give more we will be most grateful. We would send you a newsletter on a monthly basis of our progress. Click on the link below to partner

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